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Omron Walking Style Pedometer

An Omron Walking Style pedometer puts you on the road to weight loss success and a trimmer, stronger body. A pedometer, also called a step counter, is an invaluable tool to track your progress and keep you motivated. Contrary to its name, the Omron Walking Style can be used by joggers as well as walkers. Many models feature aerobic tracking which differentiates between the steps taken during light, everyday activities, and those taken during a brisk walk. Omron offers many different options including the Walking Style X, the Walking Style Pro, the Walking Style One, and the Walking Style II and III. While they each have slightly different features, functions, and styles, they also have one uniting factor: each one does far more than just count your steps.

Omron Walking Style Pedometers come in a number of different models as listed below:

We will be reviewing all these models for you in some detail. Apart from the Omron HJ005 Step Counter, all the models use acceleration sensor technology which allows them to function when you carry them in your pocket or clip them onto a belt. They accurately measure the following:

This data can be loaded on a PC to enable you to monitor your exercise and thus motivate you to exercise further.

Omron Walking Style gives extremely detailed data such as the distance covered, shown in miles, or kilometers, depending on which part of the world the model is bought in; calories and fat burned; and a clock. All the Omron Walking Style pedometers store information for seven days, though the Walking Style X, extends this to 4 weeks, and the Walking Style Pro to 41 days. The Pro can be connected to the computer through a USB allowing you to graph your performance, set goals and measure your success using advanced Health Management Software.

Whether you want to slim down, tone up, or build up your health, the key to success is in setting specific and manageable goals, and monitoring your performance in reaching them. Doctors recommend that people take 10 thousand steps a day. However, most people, quite understandably, have no idea how many they take. An Omron Walking Style counts your steps exactly. You can enter a set number of steps that you wish to take, and monitor how close you are to achieving your goal. The Walking Style X, in particular, offers a 24/7 target coach. When faced with the option of taking the stairs, or taking the elevator, looking down at the Omron pedometer, will help you make the right choice. The feeling of pride when you see just how far you have walked will encourage you to keep going and achieve more. It can be clipped onto a belt, slipped into a pocket, or pouch, or used with a strap. The Omron Walking Style products come with easily replaceable, long lasting lithium batteries.

Gaining the benefits of exercise need not entail strenuous workouts. It is a proven fact that the best exercise program is the one that is enjoyable and convenient enough to keep up. This is where walking comes in. It is easy to fit into everyday life, simple and natural enough to be one of the most successful ways to get in shape. Not only can walking be enjoyed by all ages, it can also provide a way into a greater level of health for those less fit. A truly accessible form of exercise, it has something to offer everyone from the exercise shy, to fitness fanatics, and even experienced athletes.

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